Tag: poetry

Henrik Visnapuu

It was his name, Henrik Visnapuu that came up in those first Google searches at the late-night, kitchen table, linking Silvia to a larger world unknown to me; a world…
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Easter Eggs

When winter's grasp is released in bedlam streams, and sap enlivens naked trees, a breath of warmth tames feral winds, and birdsong includes new notes that quicken the pulse of…
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Ever Since I Remember, Part I

On a stone bench, set back slightly from the bustle of the street, rests an old woman reading a three-cent newspaper. Unaccustomed to the liquid warmth of spring light, the…
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The Cookie Tin

My neighbors and I took many trips with the little red wagon down Main Street to Silvia's garden, a bedraggled crew of dirt covered gardeners on a mission to save…
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