Category: Silvia’s Garden

A Promise Kept

A new year opens before her as blank as the paper on her desk. Picking up a blue, ballpoint pen she writes her resolutions. “There is nothing important happening, nothing…
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Silvia’s Garden, Estonia

This morning I took a short walk out of the village. As I trekked up a hill out of the valley, I passed the newly mown fields and an abandoned…
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Globeflower, Trollius europeaus

A mystery, I divided the unidentified mound of roots and leaves, watching it grow, expectantly waiting for blooms. Never did I anticipate the delightful round globes, like petaled sunshine, that…
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The Wind’s Daughter, Anemone nemorosa

Windflowers, unfurl their petals in the morning light, lifting their face to bask in the sun. When the day fades to dusk, their petals close, once again, in patient wait…
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Silvia’s Garden: Scilla Siberica

With the recent arrival of spring, the plants from Silvia's gardens reach up through the soil in a welcome burst of green. The delicate petals of her spring ephemerals bob merrily…
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