When I began my search for Silvia, I could point to Estonia on a world map, little more, which should make it clear, I am, only now, learning about the history of Estonia. This to say, I have much to learn as I cautiously step through the pages of Estonian history and search for understanding, as it relates to Silvia’s story.

Because this site is, in part, about the process of uncovering Silvia’s story, there will be instances in which I get it completely wrong: my perspective will be incorrectly angled, my understanding of nuance naive. Should you have an understanding that will illuminate mine, or correct an error I have made, please, I would appreciate your insight and would be grateful for your correspondence.

And, of course, if you had the pleasure of meeting Silvia Narma, and would like to share what you know about her life, it would be a pleasure to learn more from you.