Travel Notebook

Siuru, REaD

A favorite professor of art and architecture would be sorely disappointed with me, if he knew I were not visiting the churches while here in Tallinn. I admit, I have…
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Two Towers

  I made the mistake of failing to arrive exactly at eleven o'clock, when the Tallinn City Archive (Tallinna Linna Arhiiv) opens it's doors, as it took far longer to…
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Tatari 28, Tallinn

Tatari, I have traveled this street before in Vermont - on Google Maps. So, while following a slight curve on Tatari, I know Silvia's house will appear at any moment.…
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A Ticket to Tallinn

With only a couple of weeks remaining until I travel to Estonia, I am temporarily suspending work on Silvia's stories to devote my time to re-reading Silvia's writing and developing…
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